Submerge into a puzzling story of survival through the first person perspective of TV show stars. Passing your judgement based on what you've gathered each week, you dictate whose turn it is to go.



Discover different points of view and behaviours by putting yourself in the shoes of an array of characters, as you play part in a story through their perspective.



A role playing first-person game with a focus on character and environment interaction. The player navigates through a 3D detailed world, interacting with a number of objects and characters in order for to obtain a better perception of the setting.

The task at hand requires the player to assume the identity of whoever they're playing as, controlling and acting out situations as their character would. This comes with particular limitations, which the player has to accommodate to, but which are a hint in itself.

Based on their interaction with the environment and the other characters, the player will have to eliminate one character they've played as by the end of the in-game week, up until a sole survivor remains. That is, of course, if the choice they've made is correct. 

The fate of the game solely depends on the player's choices. If the player's judgement fails to keep a single survivor, the game will end and restart from the beginning with a new set of characters. There is no single ending to the game, as it is constantly being determined by various factors throughout the gameplay.



A part of the roleplaying genre, the game would aim to give its fullest potential in the acting of characters. This ultimate goal will be achieved through restricting the abilities and interactions of the characters, while still allowing the player to influence the grand story through their eliminations. 

Heavily inclining towards dialogue and character movements, the game will aim to grab the player in a movie-like scenario, where they are the judge dictating the final outcome.



With it's survival-ish theme, raising questions about serious topics and containing themes such as violence, crude humour, infrequent use of strong language, blood, alcohol and drug references.. the game best fits within the teen-rated audience, the minimum age of which is 13. Provided with puzzles and brainstorming quests, I don't think that a younger player would be able to fully immerse themselves into the gameplay.



The platform for this game will be either Mac, or PC. This is solely due to their adaptive and widely spread features, allowing for a range of controls and the ability to easily build for.